My Baking Tools


Give me the right tools, and there’s no telling what I can create.

My kitchen could easily be overcrowded with all the different sized pans, spatulas, and bench scrapers, but I prefer to keep things to a minimum, because my creativity flows best when my station is simple, organized, and clean.

Here are some essentials that I keep handy in my kitchen that are both versatile and efficient.

For Measuring

For Mixing

For Decorating


SOME THOUGHTS & suggestions

Like any hobby you love, you can’t help but want to collect everything; and building up your supplies can be costly, but there are certain tools that you shouldn’t sacrifice quality because of pricing. Splurge on quality knives, thermometers, measuring cups, and spoons, but not on bowls (unless they are pretty William Sonoma mixing bowls, then maybe make an exception). Yes to commercial mixers, no to rubber spatulas (unless they are Wonder Woman themed).

Before you start, make sure to read over the recipe and have the right equipment for the job. This allows you to fully engulf yourself in creativity without hindering the process. It's time consuming and frustrating trying to get back in the groove of what you were trying to accomplish not to mention the ingredients may lose their effectiveness if interrupted during the mixing process. So there are so many more tools that you can accumulate, as different projects may call for different tools, but these are my essentials I use regularly and depend on.

I have a weakness for kitchen stores and trying new gadgets — I welcome any recommendations you have of your own favorite everyday kitchen and decorating tools.