My Baking Tools

For Decorating

There are so many tools of the trade when it comes to cake decorating, but these are the most utilized in my tool box.


I can’t even count how many cake stands I have, but my go-to for cake decorating is the 12-inch Ateco Cake Stand. It’s used for covering cakes with frosting and fondant because it can spin. There are many spinning cake stands, but I like this quality stand and I used it in culinary school too.


These spatulas are used for icing cakes. I typically use the 8-inch and 4-inch offset spatulas, but there are many different sizes; so, use whichever is most comfortable for you.

Bench Scrapers

Bench scrapers are one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. Your workstation is your “bench,” hence the term “bench scraper.” This tool can be used to clean your work surface, gather up chopped ingredients in one scoop, or smooth out icing on cakes. Metal bench scrapers are better quality, and the plastic scraper is more flexible; but, overall, they perform the same function. I first used it when I was learning how to bake breads (my absolute favorite thing).

Serrated and Paring knives

Serrated knives are used to carve and slice cakes and breads. Paring knives are used for smaller cut details and trimming fondant. They must always be sharp; and since they are very sharp, fondant won’t tear, just remember to clean your knife after each cut fondant piece.


  • A rubber mat is very important for cake decorating. I use this when rolling out fondant or creating decorations. I use it over my table so I don’t have to worry about stains from food coloring.

  • Brushes are a must for painting intricate details on your cakes.

  • The multi-wheel cutter and the pizza cutter are for making the same size cuts in fondants or for when you need to make same size incisions in the cake.

  • The rolling pins are used for fondant. I have 3 different ones that serve the same purpose of rolling out doughs and fondant: the metal one is used when it’s a bit warm, because the metal keeps the fondant from sticking. The french rolling pin is longer and used to gather large pieces of fondant to place over frosted cakes.

  • Flower, circle and letter cutters should always be handy. Many times, you can create your own shapes getting creative with what you have.

  • Fondant shapers comes in different shapes and are used to create every and any detail you need. I mostly use these to create fondant figurines.