My Baking Tools

For Measuring

“Mise en place.” I hear this in my sleep. A pastry chef is very meticulous and neat with their creations, where every step of the way is a smooth dance of perfection and think-out-of-the-box creativity. When baking, measuring ingredients for any recipe must be proportionately accurate. Also, it’s key to follow instructions in order while using the correct tools for measuring in order to achieve consistency.

Pyrex measuring cups

These glass liquid measuring cups are versatile in my kitchen. The larger cup holds 4 cups and the smaller cup holds 1 cup with ⅓, ¼, and ½ measurements. I use the larger cup for making my one-bowl pancake mix because of the easy pour spout and cleanup. Glass cups are used for liquids, and metal cups are used for solids.

Dry Measuring Cups

These are steel measuring cups used to measure solid ingredients. Plastic or flimsy metal sets don’t last very long, which is why I prefer a more weighted set. I have 2 sets of measuring cups that range from 1 cup to ¼ cup. Sometimes, I use them as mini prep bowls or to hold an egg so it doesn’t roll off the counter.

Measuring Spoons

These are essential in any kitchen, used to measure both liquid and dry ingredients. I have 2 sets of measuring spoons for efficiency, because sometimes, I don’t have time to wash dishes during prep. I prefer a weighted set for quality assurance. Plastic measuring spoons at times are not as accurate as the metal spoons. Purchase a set with a range of measurements from ⅛ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.