Welcome to Candid Confections!

Candid Confections bakes and decorates wholesome desserts with handmade art, custom flavors, and, most importantly, premium organic ingredients. Candid Confections has been around since 2012, formerly known as Dulce by Candi before rebranding in early 2018. Candid Confections was built on these values:

  • Wellbeing. Meaning the state of being happy. This is top of mind as I create wholesome desserts that nurture wellbeing by supporting health-conscious living and can be enjoyed with loved ones.

  • Candidness. True to my name, I’m open and honest about who I am and how I do things.

  • Quality. I only use fresh, premium certified organic ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth while avoiding GMOs, chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides.

  • Creativity. Design creates experiences, which is why I am dedicated to a design process to personalize one-of-a-kind desserts to truly match memorable moments you are celebrating.

  • Simplicity. Unnecessary complications never got anyone anywhere, which is why I aim to keep things simple.

  • Improvement. I strive to perfect my craft and am eager to explore new ways of improving my baking, art and service, and I’m appreciative of feedback.


Hi, I’m Candice Rodriguez-Laboy.

I’m the founder of Candid Confections, but first, I’m a mom to 3 fun-loving, beautiful children and a spunky English Bulldog, and I’m a wife to my awesome husband. In addition to being mom 24/7 and juggling sports between my kids, I’m a full-time high school educator.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of art and food. When I was young, I aspired to be an interior designer and architect, always drawing, crafting, and designing any chance that I could. At the same time, I loved food. I vividly remember impatiently watching my family create foods from scratch, counting the seconds until I was able to take a bite. My love for art and food finally merged into a single dream when I took a cake decorating class and realized I could apply both. After developing a sensitivity to gluten, I learned to experiment with recipes so that I can still enjoy textures and great tastes while eating gluten free. This combination led to the birth of Dulce by Candi, which is now Candid Confections.

Candid Confections is a creative outlet that I dedicate my free time to. Now, I’m blogging with the hope of encouraging open dialogue through Candid Confections too. I plan to share my personal experiences with health, well-being, and family to inspire other families. Welcome, and thanks for joining me on this sweet journey.

You can contact me at hello@candidconfections.co, and I will try very hard to respond to each email as soon as I can (there truly aren’t enough hours in the day). You can also subscribe to my newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things Candid Confections.